Ambient Lighting,

For A Peaceful Experience

Food For The Body,

Mind and Soul

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More than a Vegetarian Restaurant

A signature of a tradition

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Just one reason

for unique success

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Reiterating our passion

with tradition and variety

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Satvik - Holistic

Banishing the myth that "vegetarian food is boring", is the Govinda's concept. Govinda's, which has found resounding appreciation for its vision and innovative skills in the food business. It is unique because of its romance with vegetarian cuisine. For us; outstanding vegetarian cuisine is an tribute to the traditional recipes which are completely Satvik.

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100% Vegetarian

This resonates with our believes of the true Satvik experience, which benefits the mind, body and soul. Ridding the body of any unnecessary toxins and providing you with an unbelievably vast array of concoctions to choose form.

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100% Health

Being healthy will be less of an effort. Our special techniques focus on health and now we have introduce special meals for special dietary requirements such as Vegan, High Protein, Diabetic, Healthy Hearts and many more

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While our formula includes using fresh hand picked ingredients and creative vegetarian recipes; our metaphor for growth remains with total customer satisfaction and a personalized service.

Govinda's - 100% vegetarian restaurant. Serving delicious 100% healthy food. Experience the serenity of Govinda's concept.